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Amped Airsoft Standard Weave 36" HPA Line - Forest Green

Amped Airsoft Standard Weave 36" HPA Line - Forest Green

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Unleash the Power with Amped Airsoft Standard Weave 36" HPA Line - Forest Green

Gear up for unparalleled High Pressure Air (HPA) Airsoft performance with the Amped Airsoft Standard Weave 36" HPA Line in a captivating Forest Green hue. Engineered to excel and designed to make a statement, this HPA line is the ultimate accessory for dedicated Airsoft players.

Experience Performance

  • Optimized Air Flow: Embrace superior air passage with the wide bore line, setting it apart from conventional 6mm macro lines. This design choice ensures exceptional refresh rates, making it perfect for air-hungry systems like Daytona Guns and HPA-tapped GBB guns.
  • Crafted with Precision: Hand-assembled and rigorously tested in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, each Amped Line exemplifies quality and performance. With meticulous quality control, this HPA line meets the demands of dedicated Airsoft enthusiasts who demand excellence.
  • Nylon Sheathing Protection: The robust nylon sheathing not only adds a striking Forest Green visual appeal to your setup but also safeguards the line from wear and tear during intense battles. It guarantees durability and flexibility, vital for top-tier gameplay.
  • Effortless Quick Disconnect: Equipped with Dual Quick Disconnect fittings that seamlessly integrate with leading Airsoft regulators such as Redline, PolarStar, Wolverine, and more. Enjoy a seamless connection that optimizes your performance potential.

Make a Statement

The Amped Airsoft Standard Weave 36" HPA Line in Forest Green isn't just an accessory; it's a bold declaration of your commitment to excellence. With its captivating color, industry-standard fittings, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects, this HPA line lets you showcase your dedication to both performance and style.

Arm yourself with the Amped HPA Line and unleash the true potential of your HPA system. Whether you're engaging in intense battles or executing strategic maneuvers, this HPA line empowers you to perform at your peak, leaving an unforgettable impression on the field and asserting your dominance with every shot.