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ASG MK23 Airsoft Gas Pistol

ASG MK23 Airsoft Gas Pistol

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ASG MK23 Airsoft Gas Pistol

The ASG MK23 Special Operations is a highly regarded semi-automatic gas pistol known for its power and popularity among airsoft enthusiasts. With its impressive size and integrated silencer, this pistol commands attention and offers formidable performance on the field.

Key Features

  • Powerful Performance: The MK23 Special Operations is known for its impressive power, making it a favorite among airsoft snipers.
  • Enclosed Silencer: The included silencer enhances the pistol's intimidation factor and performance.
  • Accessory Rail: Equipped with a standard weaver/picatinny rail, the pistol allows for easy mounting of accessories.
  • Accurate Shooting: The fixed hop-up system combined with the pistol's power ensures accurate and precise shooting.


  • Length: 245mm / 427mm (9.8 inches / 17.1 inches)
  • Barrel Length: 130mm (5.2 inches)
  • Magazine Capacity: 28 rounds
  • Standard Magazine: 14765
  • Hop-Up Type: Adjustable
  • Velocity: 85 m/s (279 fps)
  • Weight: 780g / 860g (1.7 lbs / 1.9 lbs)
  • Energy: 0.7 Joule

The ASG MK23 Special Operations gas pistol is a powerhouse in the airsoft world. Its combination of power, accuracy, and unique design elements make it a favorite choice for airsoft snipers and enthusiasts looking for a reliable and effective sidearm.