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Enola Gaye - EG18 Airsoft Smoke Grenade - Red

Enola Gaye - EG18 Airsoft Smoke Grenade - Red

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EG18 Smoke Grenade - Unleash Massive Smoke for Multiple Uses

Endless Possibilities with the EG18

Introducing the EG18 Smoke Grenade, your ultimate source of dense smoke with limitless applications. Designed to deliver an immense cloud of smoke, this grenade is a versatile tool for various scenarios.

The EG18 is available in nine captivating colors, including the unique black smoke variant that you won't find anywhere else on the planet. Whether it's for training, tactical operations, or creating stunning visual effects, EG has you covered with the perfect color option.

Fitted with our innovative Wire Pull™ igniters, using the EG18 is a breeze. Simply read and follow the instructions, pull the ring, and you're ready to unleash the smoke. It's that simple, ensuring you can focus on your mission or event without hassle.

**Please Note:** While we offer a variety of colors, other color options are available upon request, with a minimum order quantity requirement.

**Important:** The EG18 Smoke Grenade is exclusively available for in-store collection and cannot be delivered. Furthermore, this product is intended for individuals over 18 years of age.

Discover the power of dense smoke with the EG18 Smoke Grenade. Whether it's for tactical training, special effects, or other creative applications, EG18 delivers an unmatched smoke experience. Are you ready to make a statement?