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JG VSR / Bar 10 G-Spec (No Scope)

JG VSR / Bar 10 G-Spec (No Scope)

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JG VSR/Bar 10 G-Spec (No Scope)

Unleash Precision with the JG VSR/Bar 10 G-Spec

The JG VSR/Bar 10 G-Spec is the epitome of a reliable and accurate bolt-action sniper rifle. Equipped with a metal cylinder assembly and metal trigger assembly, this rifle from JG ensures durability and reliability, making it the top choice for discerning airsoft snipers.

Upgradeable Performance, Lightweight Design

This sniper rifle is not just a one-time investment; it's a platform for continuous improvement. The JG BAR-10 is fully upgradeable, allowing you to customize and enhance its performance to suit your unique preferences. Despite its robust features, it remains lightweight, providing you with the agility needed for effective sniper gameplay.

All-Inclusive Package

The JG VSR/Bar 10 G-Spec comes complete with everything you need straight from the manufacturer. The package includes the rifle, a convenient speed loader, a magazine, a comprehensive manual, and all the necessary hardware for easy assembly. It's a hassle-free solution for both beginners and seasoned airsoft snipers.

Unique G-Spec Model

The G-Spec model of the JG BAR 10 comes with an added feature – a mock barrel extension that mounts on the end of the barrel. This not only enhances the rifle's appearance but also adds to its overall appeal. If you're searching for an affordable bolt-action sniper rifle with exceptional performance and untapped potential, the JG BAR 10 G-Spec is the ideal choice.

Key Specifications

  • Manufacturer: JG
  • Muzzle Velocity: Approximately 350-400 fps with 0.20g BBs

Own the JG VSR/Bar 10 G-Spec - Precision Redefined!

Elevate your airsoft sniper game with the JG VSR/Bar 10 G-Spec. Order now and experience the perfect blend of reliability, accuracy, and upgradeability in a sleek and lightweight design.