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Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun (Short)

Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun (Short)

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Mad Max Double Barrel Shotgun (Short) - 1:1 Scale - Real Wood Grip Stock and Handguard - Full Metal Body and Barrel - Dual Trigger action, one trigger actives each barrel / shell - Holds two shells at once - Opens like the real thing - Super High Power - Unique real Dual Barrel / Dual Trigger Actions

1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Gas Powered Shotgun

Metal Frame Double Outer Barrel (Each Barrel Can Hold One Gas Shotgun Shells)
Each Shell can Hold (24 Rounds BB)
Package Include Two Shotgun Shells.
Each shot propel all Plastic Bullet out from the Shell
With Metal Dual-Trigger
Fixed Front & Rear Sight
Heavy Duty Locking Break Lever
Real Wood stock and Grip