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Nuprol Delta: Jackal Alpha - Tan

Nuprol Delta: Jackal Alpha - Tan

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Unleash Your Potential with the Nuprol Delta: Jackal Alpha - Tan

Dominate the Field:

The Nuprol Delta: Jackal Alpha - Tan is your ticket to airsoft supremacy. Designed by Nuprol, this AEG rifle blends power, precision, and style, elevating your gameplay to new heights.

Performance on Demand:

With semi and full-auto firing modes, you can adapt to any situation. The Jackal Alpha boasts an approximate FPS of 320, delivering consistent accuracy and range for superior performance.

Built to Last:

Crafted with a robust metal receiver, this rifle is a symbol of durability and reliability. The ergonomic polymer grip and stock ensure comfort during extended battles, keeping you in control when it matters most.

Precision Engineered:

Featuring a 6.03mm barrel bore, the Jackal Alpha is engineered for pinpoint accuracy. Whether you're engaging targets from a distance or navigating close-quarters combat, this rifle delivers unwavering precision.

Ready for Action:

Out of the box, you'll find essential accessories to enhance your performance. Flip-up front and rear RIS sights ensure your aim stays true. The included hi-cap magazine keeps you in the action, while the cleaning/unjamming rod maintains your rifle's peak condition.

Magazine Versatility:

The Jackal Alpha accommodates a variety of Nuprol magazines, including M4, N-Magazines, and L-Magazines. This adaptability allows you to tailor your loadout to suit your playstyle.

Battery Options:

Choose from compatible batteries such as the 1450mAh 7.4v LiPo Stick or the 1600mAh 8.4v NiMh Nun-Chuck, guaranteeing you have the power you need for extended battles.

Unlock your potential with the Nuprol Delta: Jackal Alpha - Tan. Dominate the battlefield, and make your mark in airsoft like never before. Reach out to us for inquiries and further details. Experience the future of airsoft with Nuprol.