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Nuprol Point E1 RDS Sight - Black

Nuprol Point E1 RDS Sight - Black

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Nuprol NP Point E1 RDS Sight

Enhance your aiming precision with the Nuprol NP Point E1 RDS Sight, a reliable and versatile optic designed to elevate your shooting experience.

Key Features

  • Color: This RDS sight comes in a sleek black color, blending seamlessly with your firearm or airsoft setup.
  • Magnification: Enjoy 1x magnification, providing a clear and unhindered view of your target.
  • Dot Selector: Choose between red or green dot reticles to match your preference and shooting conditions.
  • Brightness Settings: Easily adjust the brightness settings to suit different lighting environments, ensuring optimal visibility.

Complete Package

The Nuprol NP Point E1 RDS Sight package includes everything you need for a hassle-free and enhanced shooting experience:

  • Nuprol NP Point E1 RDS Sight: Experience improved accuracy and target acquisition with this reliable and versatile sight.
  • Short Profile Mount: Attach the sight using the included short profile mount, ensuring stability and a low-profile setup.
  • Tall Mount: Alternatively, use the tall mount for a higher profile and better compatibility with certain setups.
  • Cleaning Cloth: Keep your optics clean and clear for consistently sharp visuals.
  • Allen Key: Use the Allen key for easy installation and adjustments.
  • Mount Tightening Tool: Ensure a secure and stable attachment to your firearm or airsoft gun with the included mounting tool.

Equip yourself with the Nuprol NP Point E1 RDS Sight and experience improved accuracy, target acquisition, and shooting performance whether you're on the range or engaging in airsoft scenarios.