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Nuprol Tech 886 Holo Sight - Black

Nuprol Tech 886 Holo Sight - Black

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Elevate your aiming precision with the NUPROL Tech 886 Holographic Sight, a reliable and versatile optic designed to enhance your shooting experience.

Advanced Features for Accurate Shooting

The NUPROL Tech 886 Holographic Sight offers a range of features to optimize your aiming performance:

  • Windage and Elevation Adjustment: Fine-tune your aim with windage and elevation adjustments, allowing you to align your shots accurately for various distances.
  • Secure Fitment: Designed to fit on a 20mm rail, this holographic sight ensures a secure attachment to your firearm or airsoft gun, minimizing movement and maintaining consistent accuracy.
  • Reticule Color Change: Choose between green and red reticle colors to match your preference and shooting environment, ensuring optimal visibility and contrast against different backgrounds.

Reliable Power Source

The NUPROL Tech 886 Holographic Sight is powered by a single CR123 battery, which is included in the package. This reliable power source ensures that your sight remains functional and ready for action whenever you need it.

Complete Package for Easy Use

The package includes everything you need to start using the NUPROL Tech 886 Holographic Sight:

  • Instruction Manual: Get familiar with the features and operation of the holographic sight using the included instruction manual.
  • Lens Cover: Protect the lens of your sight from dust, debris, and damage with the included lens cover, ensuring clear visibility whenever you're ready to shoot.
  • Adjustment Tools: Use the provided adjustment tools to fine-tune your sight's windage and elevation settings for precise aiming.
  • Lens Cloth: Keep your sight's lens clean and clear with the included lens cloth, ensuring optimal visibility in all conditions.

Enhance your shooting accuracy and performance with the NUPROL Tech 886 Holographic Sight. With its versatile features, easy installation, and reliable power source, this holographic sight is a valuable addition to your shooting gear.