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Nuprol Vertical Grip - Tan

Nuprol Vertical Grip - Tan

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Customizable Vertical Fore Grip for Your Airsoft Weapon

Enhance Your Weapon with a Customizable Vertical Fore Grip

Experience the versatility of our innovative vertical fore grip, designed to elevate your Airsoft gameplay. Unlike standard grips, this one allows you to secure it firmly on your weapon's Quad Rail with ease. Simply slide it on and tighten the bottom to lock it securely in place.

What sets this grip apart is its flexibility. You have the freedom to place it anywhere along the Quad Rail, giving you the power to choose the optimal control point for your weapon. The grip's placement can affect your shooting performance, as the further forward it's positioned, the slower your barrel turns, while moving it back speeds up the barrel rotation.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of personal style to your weapon or seeking improved control and precision, this customizable vertical fore grip is the perfect addition to your Airsoft gear.

Key Features:

  • Vertical Fore Grip for Enhanced Control
  • Lightweight Polymer Design for Easy Handling
  • Screw-in Rail Secure Mechanism for a Solid Fit
  • Low Profile Grip for Streamlined Performance

Package Includes:

  • Vertical Grip Compatible with 20mm Rails