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S&T ST AR160 CQB EBB Airsoft Rifle (Black)

Experience Cutting-Edge Performance with the ST AR160 CQB EBB

The S&T ST AR160 CQB EBB Airsoft Rifle in sleek black offers a perfect blend of innovation, versatility, and style for airsoft enthusiasts. Whether you're engaged in close-quarters battles or strategic maneuvers, this rifle is designed to elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Key Features

  • Length: Adjustable from 710mm to 775mm
  • Weight: 2910g for a balanced feel
  • Fire Modes: Safe, Semi-Auto, Full-Auto for versatile engagement
  • Rails: 20mm Picatinny Flat Top and 3-way 20mm Picatinny Handguard for customization
  • Main Materials: Durable Polymer construction
  • Compatible Batteries: 9.6V Ni-MH Battery or 11.1V Lipo Battery for reliable power
  • Electric Blow Back (EBB) for enhanced realism

Innovative Design for Tactical Excellence

The ST AR160 CQB EBB showcases a thoughtfully designed frame, providing a compact and adjustable length ranging from 710mm to 775mm. This adaptability makes it ideal for close-quarter battles while ensuring comfort and maneuverability during gameplay. The 20mm Picatinny rails on the Flat Top and 3-way Handguard offer ample space for customization with various accessories, allowing you to tailor your rifle to your tactical preferences.

Immersive Electric Blow Back Experience

The Electric Blow Back (EBB) system adds a layer of realism to your airsoft encounters. Experience lifelike cycling of the bolt during each shot, enhancing the overall authenticity of your gameplay. Combined with the adjustable fire modes, the EBB system ensures a dynamic and engaging experience on the field.

Flexible Power Options

Choose between the reliable 9.6V Ni-MH Battery or the high-performance 11.1V Lipo Battery to suit your power preferences. The ST AR160 CQB EBB is optimized for both, providing consistent and efficient power delivery for prolonged battles.

Upgrade Your Arsenal with the ST AR160 CQB EBB!

Dominate the airsoft battlefield with the S&T ST AR160 CQB EBB Airsoft Rifle. Its innovative design, versatile features, and Electric Blow Back system make it a top choice for players seeking an immersive and powerful airsoft experience. Order yours now and gear up for victory!