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Acetech Brighter C Tracer Unit

Acetech Brighter C Tracer Unit

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Upgrade Your Airsoft Experience with Acetech Brighter C Tracer Unit

Introducing the Acetech Brighter C Tracer Unit, a compact and lightweight accessory designed to enhance your airsoft gun's performance. Experience a new level of excitement on the field as your shots come to life with brilliant tracer effects. The Brighter C is expertly engineered to deliver exceptional brightness and convenience, making it a must-have addition to your airsoft gear.

Compact and Lightweight Design:

The Brighter C boasts a remarkably small and lightweight design, making it the ideal tracer unit for your airsoft gun. With its compact dimensions (Diameter: 28mm or 1.1 inches, Length: 57mm or 2.25 inches), you can effortlessly install it into your silencers or airsoft gun hand-guards, as long as the inner space accommodates its size.

Enhanced Tracer Effects:

Experience the magic of tracer effects as the Acetech Brighter C illuminates green tracer BBs with impressive brightness. Watch as your shots light up the battlefield, adding a visually captivating dimension to your airsoft gameplay.

Intelligent Power Management:

The Brighter C is equipped with intelligent power management features that ensure optimal performance and safety. It automatically switches off under the following conditions:

  • Device has idled for 5 minutes
  • Battery power is low (indicated by red blinking power indicator for 3 seconds)

The remaining power indicator keeps you informed:

  • Green light: High power
  • Orange light: Medium power
  • Red light: Low power

Important Safety Tips:

  • Do not disassemble the Brighter C to prevent high voltage electrical shock.
  • Avoid looking directly into the muzzle to prevent accidental trigger pulls or firing.

Upgrade your airsoft gun with the Acetech Brighter C Tracer Unit and experience the thrill of tracer effects like never before. Illuminate the field with your shots and gain a competitive edge. For further information or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.