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Delta Mike Adaptive Green Face Protection Snood - Olive Drab OD

Delta Mike Adaptive Green Face Protection Snood - Olive Drab OD

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Delta Mike Face Pro Snood Adaptive Green (OD - Olive Drab) Mk2

Introducing the Delta Mike Face Pro MK2 Face Protection Snood in Adaptive Green (OD), an ultimate tactical face covering providing first-rate bb protection and unmatched comfort.

The MK2 Adaptive Green is outfitted with a resilient padded insert and steel mesh teeth guard, ensuring exceptional protection for the mouth area. Crafted for players seeking versatile tactical equipment with an unconstrained profile, the Adaptive Green Face Pro MK2 Snood delivers extraordinary performance for airsoft players.

Delta Mike Face Pro Adaptive Green Snood - Olive Drab

The Delta Mike Face Pro MK2 Adaptive Green Snood is a cutting-edge face protection accessory, meticulously manufactured in the United Kingdom. Featuring a fully breathable, quick-drying mesh fabric, this covert Adaptive Green snood effectively helps to prevent fogging and maintains clear vision so you can stay focused on the game.

Its innovative contoured design, combined with an innovative padded insert and durable stainless-steel mesh, offers protection for the mouth, lips, teeth and lower cheeks. The snood's light profile ensures a secure cheek weld while aiming down sights, making it a superb tactical addition to your airsoft loadout.

Reasons to Wear a Delta Mike Snood in Airsoft

Incorporating a snood into your airsoft loadout provides enhanced protection for your mouth, lips, and lower cheeks, whilst maintaining superior comfort and breathability. Snoods help prevent fogging whilst helping to maintain clear communication with teammates during gameplay.

Features - Delta Mike Face Pro Snood

Here are some key features of the Delta Mike Face Pro Snood MK2 Adaptive Green (OD). For any questions about this snood or other products we stock, feel free to get in touch.

  • Colour – Adaptive Green (OD or Olive Drab).
  • Fast-drying, breathable mesh fabric to combat fogging.
  • Sleek, unobtrusive design.
  • Unique contour with large padded insert and steel mesh for optimal mouth and teeth protection.
  • Cushioned internal padding for extended comfort during gameplay.
  • Unhindered speech due to internal padding.
  • Fully adjustable pull cord for a customized fit.
  • Durable, powder-coated stainless-steel mesh.
  • Tested according to UK standards (500fps/2.3j).
  • Compatible with hats, communication devices, and headsets.
  • Expertly crafted in the UK with top-quality materials and stitching.

Elevate your airsoft experience with this Adaptive Green Delta Mike Face Pro Snood, masterfully designed to strike a balance between enhanced protection and comfort. This is a must-have addition to your airsoft collection.

Care Recommendations

To clean your Delta Mike snood, opt for a short (15-30min) cool (30deg) wash or hand wash. Air-drying is recommended, as it is not suitable for prolonged hot washes or tumble/radiator drying.

UKCA Compliance

Delta Mike products bear the UKCA mark, indicating the MK2 Snood Product Line's compliance with all UK regulations relevant to Personal Protective Equipment.

Please Note: These snoods are designed to cover the mouth area, to protect teeth from chipping or breaking if hit. They also offer some protection to the lower cheeks. They are not designed to offer protection to the nose or upper cheek area.