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Amped Integral Grip Line (IGL) - Premium Weave - Wolverine Inferno Gen 2 - Black/Beige

Amped Integral Grip Line (IGL) - Premium Weave - Wolverine Inferno Gen 2 - Black/Beige

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Amped Integrated Grip Line (IGL): Upgrade Your HPA Airsoft Setup

The Amped Integrated Grip Line or IGL is Amped Airsoft's original solution for replacing the weak and flimsy macro line that typically powers HPA conversion for airsoft replicas. Designed for performance and durability, the Amped IGL is the perfect upgrade for your airsoft gear.

Compatible with Most HPA Units on the Market

The Amped IGL is available with fittings compatible with most HPA units on the market from manufacturers like Polarstar, Redline, Wolverine, and Protech. Trust in its compatibility with your favorite HPA systems for seamless integration.

Premium Colorways for Unique Style

After perfecting the Amped IGL, we pushed the boundaries further by developing metallic and dual-layer sheathing, giving birth to popular colorways like our Gold and Green Snake Premium Lines. The Amped Premium IGL provides you with unique color combinations not found in standard Amped IGLs while maintaining the same flexibility and durability expected from our Amped Lines.

Durable Widebore Line in Vibrant Colors

The Amped IGL is constructed from a durable, widebore line and is available in many different colors, allowing you to personalize your gear to your liking. As always, every piece is hand-made and tested in the USA, carrying our lifetime-limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Installation Tips for Perfect Fit

For a proper fitment of the AGL, we suggest using a 1/2 inch drill bit to enlarge the hole in the grip plate or removing the grip plate entirely. Depending on your rifle, you may have to increase the hole size of your upper grip motor hole to accommodate the size of the line.

Upgrade your HPA airsoft setup with the Amped Integrated Grip Line and experience enhanced performance, reliability, and unique style. Maximize your airsoft potential with Amped, the trusted brand for premium airsoft accessories and gear.