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Armotech Core Air Tank 1.3l 4500psi

Armotech Core Air Tank 1.3l 4500psi

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REGULATOR OPTION : DYE LT Throttle Regulator 4500PSI/300bar


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Armotech Core Air Tank 1.3l 4500psi

Enhance Your Airsoft Arsenal with Reliable Air Supply

Introducing the Armotech Core Air Tank 1.3l 4500psi – the ultimate solution for elevating your airsoft game to new heights. Designed for performance, durability, and convenience, this air tank provides a consistent and powerful air source for your airsoft guns, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.

Lightweight and Compact Design

The Armotech Core Air Tank features a composite bottle with a stainless steel core, striking the perfect balance between lightweight construction and robustness. Despite its compact size and light weight, this tank is built to endure the demands of intense airsoft battles while remaining Pi approved for safety and compliance.

Unleash the Power


  • Pressure: 300 Bar / 4500psi
  • Capacity: 1.3 Litre (without regulator)
  • Weight: 850g
  • Length: 223mm
  • Circumference: 350mm

Important Note: Requires a Tank Regulator

Please be aware that the Armotech Core Air Tank 1.3l 4500psi is supplied empty to comply with transportation regulations. It's crucial to note that couriers will not transport pressurized tanks. To fully utilize this high-performance air tank, you'll need to pair it with a compatible tank regulator. A tank regulator allows you to precisely control the air pressure, optimizing your airsoft guns' performance and ensuring a seamless and powerful gameplay experience.

Upgrade Your Airsoft Experience Today

Elevate your airsoft game with the Armotech Core Air Tank 1.3l 4500psi. Whether you're engaged in competitive matches, tactical scenarios, or casual gameplay, this air tank provides the reliability and power you need to outperform your opponents. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your airsoft arsenal and dominate the field – get your Armotech Core Air Tank today!