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Duracell CR123 Battery

Duracell CR123 Battery

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Introducing Duracell High Power Lithium DL123/CR123A Batteries - Pack of 2

Power Your High-Drain Devices with Confidence

Discover the superior performance of Duracell's High Power Lithium DL123 (CR123A) batteries. Engineered with cutting-edge lithium technology, these batteries are your ideal choice for high-drain devices such as cameras, flashes, torches, and alarm backup systems.

Preferred by Leading Camera Manufacturers

Leading camera manufacturers now design their products to be powered by CR123A batteries due to their exceptional longevity compared to older alternatives. Whether you're capturing memories, illuminating the darkness, or ensuring your alarm system remains operational, these batteries won't let you down.

Reliable in Challenging Environments

One of the standout features of these Duracell DL123 (CR123A) batteries is their ability to perform reliably outdoors, even in low temperatures. Depend on them for your adventures in challenging environments without worrying about power failure.

Versatile Compatibility

This larger pack contains two single-use lithium batteries, providing you with a convenient power source for your devices. These DL123 (CR123A) batteries are versatile and can substitute several other battery types, including CR123A, CR17345, 123, CR17345, K123LA, CR123, EL123AP, BR2/3A, CR123R, CR17335, L123A, and PL123. No matter what device you have, these batteries are likely compatible.

Rebranded for Your Confidence

Please note that this product was recently rebranded from Duracell Ultra Lithium to Duracell High Power Lithium. Rest assured, it's the same trusted Duracell quality with a new name.

Power Up Today

Power up your high-drain devices with Duracell High Power Lithium DL123/CR123A batteries. Order your pack of two today and experience long-lasting, reliable power whenever you need it!