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Duracell DL2032 Battery

Duracell DL2032 Battery

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Introducing the Duracell DL2032 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries - Sealed Twin Pack!

Reliable Power for Your Electronic Devices

When it comes to reliable power for your electronic devices, trust in the legendary quality of Duracell. This twin pack of DL2032 coin cell batteries is your go-to choice for long-lasting and consistent power.

Versatile Power Solution

The DL2032 is a widely used size in various electronic devices, making it an essential choice for multiple applications. From wristwatches to remote control car key fobs, laptop internal clocks to motherboard CMOS batteries, and even certain doorbells, these batteries have you covered. They're also the preferred power source for active shutter 3D TV glasses.

Duracell Quality

Duracell is a pioneer in battery technology, and these DL2032 coin cells uphold the brand's legacy of excellence. Count on them for dependable power when you need it most.

Universal Compatibility

These DL2032 batteries are fully compatible replacements for all CR2032 batteries and size codes L14, LF1/2V, and SB-T15. Whether you're replacing an old battery or powering a new device, these batteries are up to the task.

Impressive Capacity

With a maximum current capacity of 240 mA/h at a nominal 3.0 Volts, these batteries provide enduring and stable power, ensuring your devices run smoothly.

Compact and Lightweight

Each of the two flat, circular cells weighs approximately six grammes, making them incredibly lightweight and easy to carry as spares. Their compact dimensions, measuring 20 millimetres in diameter and 3.2 millimetres in height, ensure a perfect fit in your devices.

Trust in Duracell

Trust in Duracell for all your battery needs. Order your sealed twin pack of DL2032 lithium coin cell batteries today and experience the durability, reliability, and performance that has made Duracell a household name. Keep your devices powered and ready for action with Duracell!