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DYE i5 Goggle - Smoked

DYE i5 Goggle - Smoked

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DYE i5 Goggle - Smoked: Unleash Your Stealth and Dominance

Elevate your paintball prowess with the enigmatic DYE i5 Goggle in the alluring Smoked design. This goggle isn't just protective gear; it's a symbol of stealth, dominance, and tactical brilliance that will redefine your paintball experience.

Unmatched Performance

  • GSR Pro-Strap: Experience unparalleled comfort and security with the GSR pro-strap, ensuring a snug fit that allows you to focus solely on your game. Stay in control and dominate the field with confidence.
  • e.VOKE Communication System: Revolutionize your teamwork and strategy with the e.VOKE unit, enabling seamless wireless communication between your i5 goggle and M2 marker. Coordinate effortlessly and execute precise tactics.
  • Tirodial Horizon Lens: Immerse yourself in the game with the 290-degree anti-fog thermal lens, offering crystal-clear clarity and expansive peripheral vision. Anticipate your opponents' moves and respond with calculated precision.
  • Sleek Smoked Design: The i5 Goggle - Smoked boasts a sleek Smoked design that radiates stealth and dominance. Command attention on the field while benefiting from superior protection, ventilation, and auditory feedback.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Embrace luxury with the soft touch multi-layer foam that conforms to your face, providing a secure and comfortable fit that endures through every intense encounter.

Redefine Your Strategy

The DYE i5 Goggle - Smoked isn't just equipment; it's a game-changer. With its advanced features, captivating design, and seamless communication capabilities, it empowers you to redefine your paintball strategy and dominance.

Equip yourself with the DYE i5 Goggle - Smoked and channel stealth and dominance like never before. Conquer the game, execute flawless maneuvers, and leave an indelible mark as a true paintball tactician.