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Energizer Max AA LR6 Battery

Energizer Max AA LR6 Battery

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Energizer Max AA Batteries

Innovative Energizer Max batteries are designed to outlast standard batteries, providing up to 30 percent more longevity than the previous Energizer range, thanks to a recently enhanced manufacturing process. With a normal shelf life of ten years, these cells are engineered to be leak-proof for two years after complete discharge, ensuring the protection of valuable camera equipment.

Suitable Applications:

In addition to toys and devices that require relatively high current when not in constant use, Energizer Max AA cells are suitable for everyday use in various types of smoke alarms, clocks, and remote controls.

Environmental Benefits:

Industry-leading Energizer Max represents the latest generation in battery power and is entirely mercury-free, contributing to a cleaner environment.


Each cell measures 51 millimeters in height and 15 millimeters in diameter.