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Maple Leaf Super Silicone Hop Up Rubber

Maple Leaf Super Silicone Hop Up Rubber

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Size: 50° Super Silicone Hop Up Rubber (AEG)


SKU: 6706
Vendor: Maple Leaf
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'Super' Silicone Series Hop-Up Rubber for AEG Hop Units

The 'Super' Silicone Series Hop-Up Rubber is a cutting-edge upgrade engineered for AEG Hop Units. Featuring innovative internal pressure points, this hop-up rubber delivers remarkable improvements in shot performance and accuracy, providing airsoft enthusiasts with a superior tactical advantage.

Key Features:

  • Designed for AEG Hop Units
  • Unique internal pressure points for enhanced shot performance and accuracy
  • Silicone material for improved cold weather performance
  • Available in 50°, 60°, 70°, and 80° hardness ratings

Performance Benefits:

  • Consistent shot trajectory
  • Improved accuracy even in cold weather conditions
  • Enhanced overall AEG performance

Hardness Options:

The 'Super' Silicone Series is available in four hardness options to cater to individual preferences and playing conditions:

  • 50° - Soft - Green
  • 60° - Standard - Yellow
  • 70° - Hard - Blue
  • 80° - Extreme Hard - Pink

Upgrade your AEG's performance with the 'Super' Silicone Series Hop-Up Rubber, ensuring optimal shot consistency and accuracy for your airsoft battles.