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RZR TRACER GREEN 0.28g 6000rd

RZR TRACER GREEN 0.28g 6000rd

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RZR Tracer Green 0.28g 6000rd Airsoft BBs

Elevate your airsoft experience with the RZR Tracer Green 0.28g BBs. These high-quality tracer BBs are designed to enhance visibility and add a new level of excitement to your gameplay.

Tracer Illumination

The RZR Tracer Green BBs feature tracer illumination, allowing you to track your shots in low-light environments. Watch as your BBs light up the battlefield, providing a dynamic and immersive experience for both players and spectators.

Precision and Performance

These 0.28g BBs offer excellent accuracy and consistency, ensuring that your shots hit their mark. The precise weight and quality construction contribute to improved range and target engagement, giving you a competitive edge on the field.

Large Capacity

With a generous 6000-round capacity, the RZR Tracer Green BBs keep you in the game for longer periods without frequent reloading. Spend less time refilling your magazines and more time focused on your objectives.


The RZR Tracer Green 0.28g BBs are compatible with a wide range of airsoft guns, including AEGs, gas blowback pistols, and sniper rifles. Whether you're engaging in close-quarters battles or long-range engagements, these BBs deliver consistent performance.

Experience the thrill of tracer illumination and elevate your airsoft gameplay with the RZR Tracer Green 0.28g BBs. Enhance your accuracy, visibility, and overall experience on the field with these high-quality, high-impact BBs.