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Discover the SNOW WOLF AUG Carbine Replica in Black

If you're a fan of iconic bullpup style firearms, then the SNOW WOLF AUG Carbine Replica in Black is a must-see. This distinctive design is known for sparking debates, but one thing is for sure – it offers a long barrel in a compact frame.

What sets bullpup rifles apart is their innovative style. They can't be mistaken for anything else, and their unique look adds a touch of excitement to your arsenal. With this replica, you get both the striking appearance and solid performance without breaking the bank.

Key Features:

  • Full-scale replica
  • Metal Gear Box V3 for durability
  • Fully and Semi-Automatic Firing Modes
  • Weight: 3335g
  • Classic Black color
  • Length: 810mm
  • Barrel Length: 510mm
  • Adjustable Hop-up for precision
  • Quickly switch between Semi and Fully Automatic modes
  • Easy-to-access 14mm CCW barrel thread for customization
  • High-capacity magazine (330 Rounds) included
  • Compatible with 6mm BBs
  • Muzzle Velocity: 320-350fps for reliable performance
  • Manufacturer: Snow Wolf

What makes this replica special is its build quality. It combines durable polymer and metal, resulting in a 1/1 scale replica. The gun's metal parts, including the external barrel, top RIS rail, shell ejection window plate, and flash hider, contribute to its realistic appearance. Meanwhile, the shell/receiver is made of polymer, creating a balanced and sturdy airsoft gun.

Key Features and Benefits:

Sling Swivels for Convenience

Sling swivels are thoughtfully placed at the rear and front of the rifle, ensuring easy carry options and quick access to your gear. No tools needed to access the battery compartment; just press the rubber butt plate.

Stability and Control

Under the barrel, you'll find a foldable 3-setting vertical forward grip, providing excellent stability and control during your airsoft adventures.

Hop-Up Adjustments Made Easy

Adjusting the Hop-Up is straightforward. Pulling back the charging handle reveals the shell ejection window and provides access to the Hop-Up adjustment knob. Lock the handle in the rear position when you're done.

Ambidextrous Design

One of the key features of this gun is its ambidextrous design. Shell ejection windows are located on both sides of the receiver, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

Quick Disassembly and Spring Changes

Disassembling the gun is quick and easy, allowing you to access the Hop-Up chamber and inner barrel. The quick spring change system simplifies mainspring swaps without any hassle.

Easy Gearbox Access

Furthermore, the gearbox can be removed from the back of the gun, allowing for fast power adjustments without the need for special tools. It's a user-friendly design.

Two-Stage Trigger for Firing Flexibility

The two-stage trigger system offers flexibility. The first stage enables semi-automatic firing, while a fully pulled trigger switches to fully automatic mode. Safety is a priority, and the ambidextrous safety switch is located at the pistol grip, making it easy to operate from either side.

Optics and Customization

On top of the gun, you'll find a metal RIS mounting rail (22 mm) for attaching optics or iron sights. The 14mm left-handed threaded flash hider can be customized with extensions or silencers.

Complete Package

The package includes a high-quality polymer Hi-Cap magazine with a capacity of up to 330 BB pellets. At its core, the rifle features a durable V3 metal gearbox that ensures excellent and reliable performance.

Perfect for AUG Enthusiasts

For airsoft enthusiasts and re-enactors who appreciate the AUG style, the SNOW WOLF AUG Carbine Replica in Black is a valuable addition to your collection.

Package Includes:

  • Snow Wolf Aug rifle
  • 330 rounds Magazine
  • Tactical sling for easy transport
  • Comprehensive Manual