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48ci 3k HPA Air Tank

48ci 3k HPA Air Tank

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Introducing Our Premium 48ci 3000psi Compressed Air Tank: Reliable Performance at an Unbeatable Price

Crafted from Lightweight Yet Durable Aluminum

Our 48 cubic inch, 3000psi compressed air tank is constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum, offering consistent performance and unwavering reliability. This airsoft tank is the perfect companion for your airsoft adventures, designed for versatility and reliability at an unbeatable price.

Compatible with your Airsoft Guns

With a consistent 800psi output pressure, our airsoft tank is compatible with nearly all airsoft guns. It effortlessly threads into and powers any airsoft gun with a standard bottle adapter, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless shooting experience during your intense airsoft battles.

Stainless Steel Fill Nipple with Included Cover

The tank is equipped with a stainless steel fill nipple and included cover, ensuring durability and extending its service life. The high-quality materials and construction make it a reliable choice for your airsoft needs.

Key Features:

  • 48 cubic inch (0.8L), 3000psi compressed air tank
  • Compatible with most airsoft guns
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
  • Pi Certification for added safety
  • Stainless steel fill nipple with included cover for enhanced durability
  • Meets or exceeds CE and ASTM standards

Please Note:

The retesting interval for this aluminum cylinder, as specified by TEPD (PI) and ADR P200 table, is every 10 years. Rest assured, these cylinders do not have an expiry date as long as they pass the retest requirements.

Requalification Intervals:

For your convenience, we've provided the recommended requalification intervals based on the type of hazardous material stored in the cylinder:

  • 10 years: Pressure receptacles for all hazardous materials (excluding specific exceptions)
  • 5 years: Composite pressure receptacles, metal hydride storage systems, pressure receptacles for certain hazardous materials, pressure receptacles used for adsorbed gases

Please be aware that the product appearance may differ from the image shown, but rest assured, the quality and performance remain uncompromised. Kindly note that this airsoft tank is supplied empty due to safety regulations. As a result, couriers are unable to transport pressurized tanks.

For any further information or inquiries, our dedicated customer support team is here to assist you. Get your hands on our premium 48ci 3000psi Compressed Air Tank today and experience the pinnacle of performance and reliability in your airsoft endeavors.