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Vorsk VMP-1X SMG Tan

Vorsk VMP-1X SMG Tan

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Experience Next-Level Airsoft Action with the Vorsk VMP-1X SMG Tan

Elevate Your Gameplay with State-of-the-Art Technology

Unleash the Vorsk VMP-1X SMG – a groundbreaking Gas Blowback (GBB) submachine gun designed to redefine your airsoft experience. Immerse yourself in innovation and top-tier performance, made accessible through Vorsk's dedication to delivering exceptional GBB platforms at budget-friendly prices.

Revolutionary Design Meets Unparalleled Performance

Drawing inspiration from the MP9 platform, the VMP-1X SMG boasts a modern exterior design that seamlessly merges aesthetics with functionality. Its sleek form, featuring a side-folding stock/brace and an ingeniously integrated quick-detach suppressor, ensures remarkable maneuverability and precise command during intense engagements.

Unlock Extraordinary Potential

Beyond its striking appearance, the VMP-1X SMG excels on the battlefield, finding the perfect balance between rifle resilience and pistol agility. This makes it the ultimate solution for close-quarters combat. The VMP-1X takes the excellence of the VMP-1 to new heights, equipped with an extra magazine and a silencer, delivering the tactical edge you seek.

Explore Key Features

Uncover the remarkable features that define the Vorsk VMP-1X SMG Tan:
  • Constructed from lightweight yet robust polymer for unmatched performance.
  • Offers Safe, Semi, and Full-Auto firing modes for versatile gameplay choices.
  • Innovative quick-detach suppressor with an integrated mounting system for convenience.
  • Navigate with ease using the side-folding stock/brace.
  • Compatible with VMP series magazines and both V6 and V8 GBB fuels.

Delve into Technical Specifications

Explore the technical specifications that set the Vorsk VMP-1X SMG Tan apart:
  • Color: Captivating Tan finish.
  • Barrel Length: 134mm.
  • Barrel Bore: Precise 6.03mm diameter.
  • Rails: Equipped with a 20mm Flat Top, 20mm Underbarrel, and Dual Slot 20mm Side Rails for versatile customization.
  • Approx. FPS: Ranges from 300 to 328 for dynamic performance.

Unparalleled Package for an Extraordinary Adventure

The Vorsk VMP-1X SMG package includes a color-matched magazine sleeve, an easy-to-follow manual, an exploded parts diagram, spare O-Rings, and a distinctive Vorsk PVC Patch. Elevate your airsoft game with the formidable VMP-1X SMG in Tan. For inquiries or further details, don't hesitate to contact us. Elevate your airsoft encounters to unparalleled heights.