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Wolverine Airsoft BOLT HPA Engine - TM VSR 10

Wolverine Airsoft BOLT HPA Engine - TM VSR 10

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Wolverine BOLT HPA Conversion Kit for Bolt Action Sniper Rifles

The Wolverine BOLT is an innovative HPA conversion kit designed specifically for Bolt Action sniper rifles. It enhances your stealth, target acquisition, and air efficiency, providing a superior sniping experience. With its electro-pneumatic design, no FCU is required, making it simple and effective.

Technical Highlights

  • Electro pneumatic with a small battery, NO FCU required
  • Exclusive 3-way valve design by Wolverine Airsoft and manufactured by MAC
  • NO MOVING PARTS during firing, ensuring system stability
  • Patent Pending Air Saver™ Technology for up to 50% air savings per shot
  • Optional 1 Piece aluminum bolt for simplified installation
  • Option to use a special version of WRAITH for self-contained CO2 cartridge use
  • Input pressure (subject to change): 80-180psi
  • Output Energy: 1-3+J depending on setup and BBs used


Compatible with various sniper rifles including Tokyo Marui VSR 10, JG Bar 10, Echo1 M28, Echo1 PSR 10, Cybergun FN Herstal SPR, and more. Please check compatibility details before purchasing.


  • BOLT HPA Engine
  • BOLT 1/8″ Airline
  • Airline Fitting
  • Cylinder Head
  • Cylinder (Cylinder Kit Only)
  • O-Ring Kit