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Wolverine Airsoft MTW-308 - 14" DMR

Wolverine Airsoft MTW-308 - 14" DMR

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Wolverine Airsoft MTW-308 Tactical - 14" DMR

For players seeking big gameplay and serious DMR performance, Wolverine Airsoft presents the MTW-308 Tactical. This robust semi-automatic rifle, designed to accept SR25 AEG magazines, combines sniper power and precision with the agility for rapid follow-up shots, making it ideal for engaging multiple targets effectively. Built on the MTW-Spec platform and powered by the INFERNO Gen 2 HPA engine, the MTW-308 offers unparalleled durability, real steel compatibility, and precision alignment for unparalleled performance on the field.


  • Genuine billet aluminum CNC machined receiver set for exceptional strength and durability
  • Hardpoint Airline adapter for a clean look and easy line connection
  • Empty mag detection ready (with MTW spec 308 mags) for enhanced operational awareness
  • Invictus 13″ MK-1 6160 aluminum rail with M-LOK on 7 sides for versatile accessory attachment
  • 14.5″ or 16″ outer barrel with included 1.5″ extension for customizable barrel length
  • Crane Stock, DLG-Tactical pistol grip, and Invictus MS-1 flash hider for ergonomic comfort and tactical functionality
  • Toolless disassembly using real steel pins and detents for easy maintenance and customization
  • Hardpoint disconnect feature for quick and hassle-free maintenance
  • 2 Position Ambi-selector for Safe and Semi-auto function for versatile shooting options
  • MTW-spec for insane customization including 3 position selector and Wraith X with 308 adapter for personalized performance
  • Spartan Electronics with DMR/Shotgun firmware for advanced electronic control
  • Compatible with A&K and Classic Army style SR25 AEG magazines for broad magazine compatibility

Tactical Features:

  • DLG Premium Real Steel Grip for superior weapon handling and control

Step up your airsoft game with the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-308 Tactical, offering the power, precision, and versatility required to dominate the field.