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ZCI Stainless Steel 6.02mm Inner Barrel 229-650mm

ZCI Stainless Steel 6.02mm Inner Barrel 229-650mm

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Length: 229mm


SKU: 6209
Vendor: ZCI
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Airsoft Stainless Steel 6.02mm Inner Barrel (128mm)

Elevate the performance of your airsoft AEG with the Airsoft Stainless Steel 6.02mm Inner Barrel. This tightbore upgrade barrel is an essential part for enthusiasts looking to enhance the precision and power of their airsoft rifles.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Tightbore design with 6.02mm precision
  • Perfect for tighter groupings and accurate shooting
  • Increases FPS for higher velocity
  • Built for extra power and precision
  • Length: 128mm
  • Compatibility: All Marui Compatible AEGs using Standard type AEG Inner Barrels

Precision Upgrade:

The 6.02mm precision inner airsoft rifle barrel ensures tighter groupings and more accurate shooting, providing airsoft enthusiasts with a competitive edge on the field.

Increased Velocity:

This stainless steel tightbore barrel not only enhances precision but also increases FPS for higher velocity, delivering extra power and precision in every shot.

Compatible with all Marui Compatible AEGs that use Standard type AEG Inner Barrels, this upgrade barrel is a must-have for airsoft players seeking superior performance.