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Abbey Gun Grease

Abbey Gun Grease

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Abbey Gun Grease LT2 - Superior Lubrication for Peak Firearm Performance

Experience the Long-Term Benefits

Abbey Gun Grease LT2 is your trusted partner when it comes to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your firearms. This specialized long-term grease is designed for use on gear sets and other components where extreme pressures are a constant challenge.

Formulated with Molybdenum disulphide, this grease boasts an impressively low coefficient of friction, guaranteeing fast and smooth action. It's the key to enhancing your firearm's responsiveness and reliability.

Key Benefits:

  • Exceptional Stability for Long-Lasting Lubrication
  • High Temperature Resistance for Reliability in Intensive Use
  • Anti-Corrosion Additives for Rust and Pitting Prevention
  • Ideal for High-Load Metal-to-Metal Friction Surfaces

Abbey Gun Grease LT2 stands out as a moly-based grease built to excel under high-stress conditions. It ensures your concealed friction surfaces operate with confidence, providing you with consistently smooth and fast action.

Protect your firearms from wear and tear, rust, and corrosion. Elevate your shooting experience with Abbey Gun Grease LT2. It's more than just grease; it's the key to peak firearm performance.