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Classic Army M133 Mini Vulcan - Airsoft Minigun AEG

Classic Army M133 Mini Vulcan - Airsoft Minigun AEG

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The Classic Army M133 is a fully LiPo battery-powered, AEG airsoft mini-gun, designed to rapidly fire BBs at up to 3000 rpm.

Airsoft Minigun - Classic Army M133

The M133 Airsoft Minigun is produced by Classic Army, who have been designing and manufacturing high-quality AEG systems since 1999.

This handheld, Gatling gun style airsoft weapon can hold up to 2000 rounds and features an individual hop-up for each of its 4 metal barrels.

Gas or HPA tanks are not required to use this powerful airsoft microgun. Whilst other iterations of Gatling-style airsoft weapons produced by Classic Army (such as the M132 and M134) run on a hybrid system of gas and battery power, the M133 is entirely battery-operated.

Thanks to its extreme firepower, the M133 Mini Vulcan has excellent attack and defensive capabilities for a variety of airsoft scenarios.

M133 Mini Vulcan S019M Features

Here are some of the key features of the M133 Mini Vulcan Airsoft Minigun.

  • High-Capacity - Holds up to 2000 Rounds.
  • AEG System.
  • Polymer & Aluminium Design.
  • 4 Metal Barrels.
  • Individual Hop-Ups Per Barrel for Spread Adjustment.
  • Lightweight Nylon Fibre Reinforced Body.
  • Simple Loading, Central Metal Magazine Tube.
  • Full Auto, Slow & Fast Fire Speeds (1500 rpm & 3000 rpm).
  • Easy-Reach Switch for Power & Rate of Fire.
  • Protective Inbuilt Thermal Shutdown System.
  • Quick Change Springs for Power Customisation.
  • Fully Battery Operated. No Gas.
  • LED Display for Battery Capacity (Red Light Low Power Indicator).
  • Powered by 2 x Self Contained 11.1v Lithium-Polymer Batteries (LiPo).

Further Specifications

Here are some further details about this airsoft gun that you may find useful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this or any of our other products.

  • Brand: Classic Army.
  • Length in millimetres: 6550 mm.
  • Weight in kilograms: 5.7000 kg.
  • Mag Capacity: 2000 Rounds.
  • Feet Per Second: Approx 340 fps.
  • Dominant Colour: Black.
  • BB Bullet Type: 6mm BB.
  • AEG System: Yes.
  • Battery Powered: Yes (2 x 11.1v LiPo).