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Nuprol PRO Mesh Eye Protection Camo (Large)

Nuprol PRO Mesh Eye Protection Camo (Large)

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Nuprol PRO Mesh Eye Protection Camo (Large)

The NUPROL NP PRO Mesh Eye Protection in Camo (Large) offers a combination of style, safety, and comfort, addressing key factors in eye protection for Airsoft enthusiasts. Influenced by popular mesh goggles on the market, NUPROL has designed these goggles with a focus on safety, visibility, comfort, and durability.

Safety Features:

  • CE Safety Certification for compliance with safety standards
  • High-density, high-strength polymer frame for durability
  • Steel mesh lens, 2x thicker than industry standard
  • Best spacing for mesh holes to allow more light without compromising safety

Comfort and Durability:

  • New foam padding for a comfortable fit
  • Effective eye seal for enhanced safety
  • High-quality polymer material for hard-wearing frames
  • Industry-standard safety strap for secure fit

Additional Information:

Experience the safest mesh goggles on the Airsoft market today with NUPROL's NP PRO Mesh Eye Protection. The large size ensures a comfortable fit, and the camo design adds a touch of style to your gear.