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Rebel Precision 6mm BBs 3300ct Bottle - 0.28g

Rebel Precision 6mm BBs 3300ct Bottle - 0.28g

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Rebel Precision 6mm BBs 3300ct Bottle - 0.28g

Elevate your airsoft experience with the improved Rebel Precision 0.28g BBs, presented in a 3300-count bottle, exclusively produced in Taiwan for BZ Tactical. These BBs are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance across various airsoft scenarios.

Advanced Features

  • Precision Manufacturing: Each BB undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, ensuring exceptional consistency shot after shot.
  • High Gloss Finish: The polished surface results in a seamless BB, free of imperfections, contributing to improved accuracy and shot consistency.
  • Enhanced Weight: With a weight of 0.28g, these BBs are designed for superior stability in flight, offering improved accuracy over various distances.
  • Universal Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with all barrel types, from tight-bore to wide-bore, ensuring versatility in your airsoft arsenal.
  • Improved Durability: Rebel Precision 0.28g BBs are less prone to chipping, chopping, or shattering, even in high FPS and high-pressure situations, providing reliability during intense airsoft battles.
  • Smooth Feeding: The BBs feature a silky smooth BB channel and are equipped with a carbon steel spring for stable ammunition feeding, ensuring smooth operation in your airsoft gun.