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G&G SR15 E3 MOD2 Carbine M-LOK

G&G SR15 E3 MOD2 Carbine M-LOK

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Experience Unmatched Power and Precision

Immerse yourself in the world of elite airsoft with the G&G SR15 E3 MOD2 CARBINE M-LOK. Meticulously crafted by G&G, this airsoft rifle is a pinnacle of innovation, offering a perfect blend of power, precision, and reliability. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, the SR15 E3 MOD2 CARBINE is designed to exceed your expectations on the field.

Key Features

  • Engineered by G&G, renowned for top-tier airsoft craftsmanship
  • Perfectly balanced at 809mm length and 3005g weight for exceptional maneuverability
  • Versatile Fire Modes: Semi, Full-Auto, 3-Round Burst, 5-Round Burst for tactical adaptability
  • Precision Barrel: 380mm length with a 6.04mm Barrel Bore for unparalleled accuracy
  • CNC Hard-Anodized Rails ensure durability and provide customization options
  • Approximate FPS compliant with UK regulations for field legality
  • Seamless Magazine Compatibility: Works flawlessly with G&G's G2 Magazines
  • Powerful and Efficient: Compatible with 11.1V Lipo batteries with a 25C rating or below

Compatible Magazines

  • GG-MG-148 G2 MAGAZINE 90R (BLACK): Sleek and reliable, perfect for tactical reloads
  • GG-MG-148-1 G2 MAGAZINE 90R (TAN): Add a touch of style to your loadout
  • GG-MG-174 G2 METAL MAGAZINE 90R BLACK: Durable metal construction for a robust feel

Compatible Batteries / Gas

Elevate your firepower with 11.1V Lipo batteries featuring a 25C rating or below. Unleash the full potential of your SR15 E3 MOD2 CARBINE M-LOK and dominate the battlefield.

Elevate Your Airsoft Game Today!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to wield the G&G SR15 E3 MOD2 CARBINE M-LOK. Order now and experience the epitome of power, precision, and performance in the world of airsoft.

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