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KWA AKG-74SU GBB Airsoft Rifle with Faux Wood

KWA AKG-74SU GBB Airsoft Rifle with Faux Wood

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KWA AKG-74SU Airsoft Rifle

The KWA AKG-74SU is a gas blowback, AK-style, airsoft rifle designed to combine realism and performance for the ultimate airsoft experience. Modelled after the iconic AKS-74U, this airsoft rifle pays homage to its real-life counterpart's rich history and combat-proven design.

AKG-74SU Rifle by KWA Airsoft - Inspired by the AKS-74U

The AKG-74SU is a high-quality airsoft rifle manufactured by KWA Airsoft. KWA is known for its innovative designs and high-quality airsoft products. This compact and versatile rifle is inspired by the AKS-74U, a shortened AK-74 assault rifle developed by the Soviet Union during the mid to late 1970s and officially deployed in 1979. The design intention was to create a versatile weapon that could fill the tactical role between a submachine gun and an assault rifle.

The AKS-74U was originally intended for use by Soviet special forces, airborne infantry, rear-echelon support units, armoured vehicle and helicopter crews. However, it was also issued to urban law enforcement. The "U" in the name stands for "Ukorochenniy", (Russian for "shortened"). This gun is also commonly referred to as the Krinkov, especially in the USA.

The AKS-74U saw extensive use during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Its compact size folding stock made the AKS-74U well-suited for close-quarters combat as well as personal defence. Production for this rifle officially ceased in 1993.

AKG-74SU Features

Featuring a full metal alloy receiver and gas-operated recoil blowback system, the AKG-74SU captures the realism and ruggedness of its real-life counterpart.

Equipped with a tactical steel side folding stock, it is designed to accommodate various play styles and scenarios. Its realistic construction with a nylon handguard/magazine, alloy receiver, faux bakelite pistol grip and built-in sling attachment points, helps to ensure realism, durability & ease of use.

Here are some more key features of the KWA AKG-74SU airsoft rifle.

  • Inspired by the AKS-74U assault rifle.
  • Constructed with a full metal alloy receiver for enhanced authenticity.
  • Faux wood design elements.
  • Features a gas-operated recoil blowback system.
  • Offers realistic assembly and field stripping process.
  • Equipped with an AK dovetail side rail for attaching optics and other accessories.
  • Versatile tactical steel side folding stock.
  • Durable nylon handguard & magazine.
  • Mock bakelite pistol grip for enhanced realism.
  • Built-in sling attachment points for convenience.
  • Includes a demonstration mode for safe dry firing.


Here are some further details about this airsoft rifle that you may find useful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this or any of our other products.

  • Manufacturer: KWA Airsoft.
  • Length: 500mm (Folded) and 745mm (Extended).
  • Weight: 2.92kg (6.44 lbs).
  • Inner Barrel: 240mm (6.05mm Diameter).
  • Magazine Capacity: 40 Rounds.
  • Rate of Fire: 14+ RPS.
  • Gas Type: Green Gas.
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety.
  • Hop-up: Yes (Adjustable).
  • Main Colour: Black.
  • Firing Modes: Full Auto, Semi.
  • Mag Type: AK Gas.
  • Rail Style: Standard AK Handguard.

Experience the power and realism of the KWA AKG-74SU airsoft rifle, designed for both seasoned airsoft players and enthusiasts alike. With its robust build and impressive performance, this airsoft rifle is an excellent addition to any collection. Want to know more? Contact us today!