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LAYLAX High Torque Motor with Hard Pinion

LAYLAX High Torque Motor with Hard Pinion

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High Torque Hard Pinion Motor

●Custom motor fitted with a Prometheus Hard Pinion

●Cold forged chrome molybdenum Pinion gear for superior strength

●Reduced motor noise

●Perfect pairing with EG Hard Gears

●Aluminium end cap for improved heat dispersion and durability

●Improved trigger response


The Prometheus motor series takes multiple factors into consideration to propel tradition motor design forward. More care and focus is made in designing the pinion gear, often soft, or weak, the EG Hard Pinion gear comes standard, pre-installed on all Prometheus motors. The cold forged chrome molybdenum pinion gear offers superior strength, precision machining for a much quieter gear mesh, and overall reliability as the pinion will not crack or warp even under heavy load. The Prometheus motors are precision machined to pair with our EG Hard gear series, and feature an aluminium end cap for improved heat dispersion and reduced wear from motor height adjustments. 

■Compatibility: Long-type Motor


■Brand: Prometheus