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Nuprol AEG M4 Sling Plate

Nuprol AEG M4 Sling Plate

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Metal Sling Plate for M4 Style AEGs

Elevate Your AEG with the Metal Sling Plate

Enhanced Sling Attachment for M4 Style AEGs

Upgrade your M4 style AEG with our Metal Sling Plate designed for rifles equipped with sliding stocks. This versatile plate provides users with sling loops on both the left and right sides, offering convenient sling attachment points for improved carrying and handling.

Solid and Secure Design

The Metal Sling Plate is securely positioned between the receiver and the buffer tube, ensuring a rock-solid connection that won't come loose during use. Enhance the functionality of your AEG and enjoy the added convenience of dual sling loops with this essential accessory.