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Nuprol Shotgun Shell Magazine - Black

Nuprol Shotgun Shell Magazine - Black

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NP SHOTGUN SHELL MAGAZINE - Modern Shotgun Shell Storage

Revolutionize Your Shotgun Shell Storage with the NP SHOTGUN SHELL MAGAZINE

Say goodbye to the traditional bandolier and welcome a cutting-edge solution for storing your shotgun shells - the NP SHOTGUN SHELL MAGAZINE. Crafted from durable polymer, this assembly is designed to provide quick and convenient access to your ammunition, ensuring you're always prepared for action.

The standout feature of this magazine is its spring-loaded design, guaranteeing that the next loaded shotgun shell is at your fingertips. No more fumbling for rounds; the NP SHOTGUN SHELL MAGAZINE streamlines your reloads for seamless and efficient performance.

Thanks to the two rear polymer straps, you have versatile mounting options. Attach it securely to a MOLLE loop for tactical precision or fasten it to your belt for easy accessibility. The choice is yours, giving you the flexibility you need in the field.

Key Specifications:

  • Shotgun Shell Capacity: 10 units
  • Shotgun Shells not included.