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NUPROL Stub-Ridge Grip - Black

NUPROL Stub-Ridge Grip - Black

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Enhance Your Rifle Stability with the NUPROL Stub-Ridge Grip

Elevate your shooting performance and rifle control with the NUPROL Stub-Ridge Grip. This purpose-built grip is designed to provide you with exceptional stability and functionality, making it an invaluable addition to your firearm setup.

Strategic Design

The NUPROL Stub-Ridge Grip boasts a well-thought-out design that not only enhances your grip on the rifle but also offers a unique storage solution. Crafted from durable polymer, this grip features a hollow core with a threaded base. This innovative design allows you to conveniently store essential items such as spare batteries right on your firearm, ensuring you're always prepared for action on the field.

Seamless Integration

With a Picatinny rail interface, this grip seamlessly attaches to your rifle's accessory rail system. The secure fit ensures that your grip stays firmly in place during intense engagements, providing you with the stability needed for precise shots and quick target acquisition.

Timeless Black Finish

The NUPROL Stub-Ridge Grip comes in a classic black finish, adding a sleek and tactical look to your firearm. Whether you're on the airsoft field, at the range, or in the field, this grip not only performs exceptionally but also complements your rifle's aesthetics.

Elevate your shooting experience and equip your firearm with the NUPROL Stub-Ridge Grip in black. Achieve better stability, stay organized with onboard storage, and maintain a sleek, tactical appearance – all in one versatile accessory. Upgrade your rifle today and experience the difference.