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Perun (Perun V2 Hybrid Back Wired)

Perun (Perun V2 Hybrid Back Wired)

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Perun V2 Hybrid Mosfet

Revolutionize Your Airsoft Experience with Perun V2 Hybrid

The Perun V2 Hybrid is a game-changer, designed to elevate your airsoft gameplay with innovative features and cutting-edge technology. This hybrid mosfet replaces traditional mechanical contacts in your airsoft replica or gel blaster, ensuring reliability and introducing a host of customizable features for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Reliability Redefined with Optical and Magnetic Sensors

The Perun V2 Hybrid utilizes advanced optical and magnetic sensors, eliminating many moving parts that are prone to damage, thus significantly enhancing reliability. These sensors provide precise trigger control and adaptive trigger features, allowing you to switch between short and long trigger travels on the fly.

Customizable Trigger Sensitivity

Tailor your trigger experience with adjustable sensitivity levels. The Perun V2 Hybrid offers five sensitivity settings, accommodating various trigger preferences without the need for modifications. Change trigger sensitivity even in the field for optimal performance in any scenario.

Flexibility in Firing Modes

Take control with independently programmed firing modes. Set safe, semi, burst, or auto on both selector positions, adapting to your playstyle and tactical needs. The Perun V2 Hybrid puts the power of customization in your hands.

Innovative Features for Tactical Dominance

  • Active Brake: Prevents spring compression and overspin for precise shot control.
  • Precocking: Ensures fast trigger response, crucial in CQB situations.
  • 2-Stage Trigger: Offers options for single shot, burst, or fully automatic fire.
  • Binary Trigger: Enables easy double shots in semi-automatic mode.
  • Rate of Fire Reduction: Adjust the rate of fire for realism or conservation.
  • DMR Mode: Introduces intervals between semi-automatic shots for DMR compliance.
  • Low Battery Voltage Alarm: Notifies you of low battery voltage for enhanced safety.
  • DSG Mode: Specially designed for dual sector gear setups.
  • Diagnostic System: Constantly monitors the replica for troubleshooting ease.
  • Electronic Fuse: Safeguards your replica and battery against major malfunctions.

Simple Programming, Wide Compatibility

Programming the Perun V2 Hybrid is a breeze with quick and memorable sequences using fire selector switching and trigger pulls. The multicolor LED diode and sound signals guide you through the process, enabling on-the-fly adjustments even under enemy fire. The mosfet works seamlessly with any battery from 7V to 17V, accommodating a wide range of setups.

Elevate Your Arsenal with Perun V2 Hybrid - Order Now!

Upgrade your airsoft replica or gel blaster with the Perun V2 Hybrid Mosfet. Order now and experience a new level of reliability, customization, and tactical dominance on the battlefield.