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Valken Tactical Fill Whip Hose Extension

Valken Tactical Fill Whip Hose Extension

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Enhance Your Airsoft Experience

Introducing the Valken Fill Whip Hose Extension

For players who rely on remote lines and carry their compressed air bottles in packs or harnesses, convenience is now at your fingertips. Valken presents the innovative Fill Whip Hose Extension, designed to simplify your airsoft adventures.

Say goodbye to the hassles of removing your air bottle or taking off your pack. With this 30-inch extension boasting a robust 4,500psi rating, you can enjoy both durability and top-notch performance. The process is straightforward: attach the hose to your bottle, connect it to the fill station, and power up for extended paintball action.

Equipped with stainless steel fittings, this fill whip hose extension streamlines the process of refilling your compressed air bottle within your pack or harness, making it quick and effortless. Get ready for uninterrupted play with Valken!