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VORSK Tracer Green 0.20g 3600rd Bottle

VORSK Tracer Green 0.20g 3600rd Bottle

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Elevate Your Nighttime Airsoft Experience with VORSK Tracer Green 0.20g 3600rd Bottle

Enhance your airsoft battles under the cover of darkness with VORSK Tracer Green 0.20g BBs. These specially designed tracer BBs add an exciting visual element to your gameplay, allowing you to track your shots and engage with precision even in low-light conditions. With a 3600-round bottle at your disposal, you'll have ample ammunition to light up the night.

Key Features:

  • Tracer Technology: VORSK Tracer Green 0.20g BBs emit a luminous green glow when fired through compatible tracer units, providing a captivating and tactical advantage during nighttime scenarios.
  • Consistent Weight: The 0.20g weight ensures reliable performance and accuracy, making these BBs suitable for various airsoft guns and playstyles.
  • 3600rd Bottle: Each bottle contains 3600 rounds, offering a substantial supply for extended gameplay sessions, practice, and training.
  • Visual Impact: Experience the thrill of watching your shots illuminate the darkness, giving you a unique edge and enhancing your overall airsoft experience.

Illuminate the Battlefield

Upgrade your nighttime airsoft battles with VORSK Tracer Green 0.20g 3600rd Bottle. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of tracer technology and gain a competitive advantage in low-light environments. For inquiries or further details, please feel free to reach out to us. Elevate your gameplay with VORSK and make every shot count, even in the dark.