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Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 PDW

Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 PDW

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MTW 9 PDW Airsoft SMG

Upgrade your close-quarters battle (CQB) experience with the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 PDW, a compact airsoft SMG that combines the ruggedness, modularity and high quality expected of the MTW (Modular Training Weapon) range. Engineered for players seeking an airsoft SMG without the hassle, the MTW-9 PDW (Personal Defence Weapon) is the ultimate choice for those looking to take their airsoft game to the next level.

About Wolverine Airsoft

Founded in 2013 and based in Kingsport, Tennessee, Wolverine Airsoft is a team of airsoft enthusiasts and designers dedicated to creating the best airsoft technology in the industry. Led by Rich Lort, an accomplished mechanical engineer with experience at NASA, FARO Technologies, and a Fortune 500 chemical company, Wolverine Airsoft's mission is to leverage disruptive technology to deliver superior value and service to customers in the airsoft industry and beyond.

Over the past five years, Wolverine Airsoft has developed a full line of high-pressure air (HPA) systems for the airsoft industry, setting new standards for performance, price, and reliability in the HPA airsoft market. As a result, Wolverine Airsoft has emerged as a global innovator and leader in airsoft technology.

MTW-9 PDW by Wolverine Airsoft

The MTW-9 PDW is part of the MTW platform, designed as a comprehensive ecosystem that seamlessly integrates all of Wolverine Airsoft's cutting-edge products developed over the years. Say goodbye to awkward modifications, alignment issues and low-quality AEG bodies.

Standard Features of the MTW-9

Here are some of the standard features of the MTW-9 by Wolverine Airsoft.

  • Billet Lower Receiver for EVO 9mm Magazine
  • Billet Upper Receiver
  • 7" Invictus M-Lok Advanced Rail
  • INFERNO Gen 2 HPA Engine
  • Operational Pressure Range: 80-140psi
  • Invictus M-LOK Rail
  • Empty Mag Detection
  • Advanced Feed Tube

Exclusive PDW Trim Additions

These included features are exclusive to the MTW-9 PDW variant. If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

  • "Warthog" Flash Hider
  • Premium Real Steel Grip
  • PDW Stock

Unleash your CQB potential with the Wolverine Airsoft MTW-9 PDW, a compact, high-performance airsoft SMG designed for seamless customisation and integration with Wolverine Airsoft's range of innovative products. Elevate your airsoft experience today with a PDW that combines durability, adaptability and quality in one exceptional package. For more information on this product or any others we offer, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team.

Please note: The MTW-9 PDW is not compatible with the ASG Scorpion Evo 375rd Hi-Cap Mags.

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