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Enola Gaye - EG67 Airsoft Frag Grenade

Enola Gaye - EG67 Airsoft Frag Grenade

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EG67 Simulation/Training Grenade - Realistic Training, Zero Harm

Experience Realism Without Risk

Introducing the EG67 Simulation/Training Grenade, a game-changer in immersive training scenarios. Crafted primarily from tough paper pulp, this grenade replicates the M67 style grenade with precision, offering a training experience that feels strikingly real.

The EG67 grenade is built to endure rigorous use without crushing easily, ensuring lasting performance during your training exercises. What sets it apart is its unique safety feature - when it explodes, the fragmentation is entirely harmless. You can train with confidence, knowing that safety is paramount.

Fitted with EnolaGaye’s Wire Pull® igniter, the EG67 grenade delivers an authentic training experience. Upon explosion, it disperses clay pellets in all directions, creating a dynamic 5-meter radius of engagement. It's no wonder this grenade is a firm favorite among Airsoft enthusiasts worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Realistic M67 Style Design
  • Durable Paper Pulp Casing
  • Harmless Fragmentation
  • EnolaGaye’s Wire Pull® Igniter
  • Creates a 5-Meter Radius of Engagement

**Please Note:** The EG67 Simulation/Training Grenade is available for in-store collection only and cannot be delivered. Additionally, this product is intended for individuals over 18 years of age.

Elevate your training exercises with the EG67 Simulation/Training Grenade. Experience the realism of combat scenarios without compromising safety. It's time to train smarter and prepare for victory.