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G&G ARP 9 2.0 – AEG SMG Style Airsoft Rifle

G&G ARP 9 2.0 – AEG SMG Style Airsoft Rifle

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Manufactured by G&G and updated by popular demand. The ARP 9 2.0 is an AEG, AR-style, airsoft submachine gun. Part of the CM16 series.

ARP 9 Version 2.0 Airsoft Gun

Released in September 2022, this is the upgraded version of the massively favoured ARP 9 by G&G.

Just some of the new features include a 7-inch M-LOK Rail Handguard, a bigger, GOS-V9 stock design for more battery room, an extended inner barrel, an enhanced polymer amplifier, plus an updated ETU and Generation 4 MOSFET technology.

Inspired by the design of the AR-9, this airsoft rifle is ideal for those who prefer a pistol calibre 9mm style AEG. Be sure to also check out the G&G ARP 556 2.0; An extremely popular, updated model in a 5.56mm variant.

G&G ARP 9 2.0 Features & Components

This popular AEG airsoft rifle includes various advanced features and components including:

  • Metal & Polymer Finish
  • 7" M-LOK Rail & Detachable Handstop (Full Aluminium)
  • PDW Style Retractable Stock
  • Lightweight Polymer Receiver
  • Improved Electronic Trigger Unit (E.T.U.)
  • Large Capacity 170-Round, AR 9mm Style Magazine
  • Flip Up Iron sights (Front & Rear)
  • V2 Gearbox
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Li-Po Ready
  • New Gen 4. MOSFET for enhanced battery protection
  • Ambidextrous sling plate, mag release and charging handle

The following are some of the main components of the G&G ARP 9 2.0:

  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Front Sight (Flip Up)
  • Flash Suppressor
  • M-LOK Handguard
  • Stock (Retractable)
  • Trigger & Trigger Guard
  • Charging Handle
  • Stock Release Lever
  • Magazine & Magazine Release
  • Trigger & Trigger Guard
  • Rear Sight (Flip Up)
  • Hand Stop Kit
  • Selector Lever

Further Specifications

Here are some further details about this airsoft gun that you may find useful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about this or any of our other products.

  • Brand: G&G
  • Overall Length in millimetres: 597.8mm
  • Weight in grams: 1964g
  • Inner Barrel Length in millimetres: 168mm
  • Electronic Trigger (ETU) MOSFET Gen. 4
  • 305fps Approx.
  • Safe, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic, Programmable Fire Selections.

G&G ARP 9 2.0 Maintenance Guide

These are the manufacturer's recommended actions for the correct maintenance of the G&G ARP 9 2.0.

G&G ARP 9 2.0 Barrel Cleaning

To correctly clean the barrel of the G&G ARP 556 2.0, please carry out the following steps.

  1. Apply a few drops of teflon or silicone oil (do not use other corrosive oils) to a cleaning cloth and wrap it around a cleaning rod.
  2. Insert the cleaning rod into the inner barrel of the ARP 9 2.0. Carefully turn the rod as it is inserted. Proceed to repeat this until the barrel is sufficiently clean.

G&G ARP 9 2.0 Unjam

If your G&G ARP 9 2.0 gets jammed, the manufacturer recommends unjamming it by following these steps.

  1. Remove the magazine by pulling the release lever next to the magazine.
  2. Ensure the hop up dial is set to the normal position, then insert the cleaning rod from the lead edge of the inner barrel.
  3. Make sure that the cleaning rod is faced down and reaches the end of the barrel. You can then use this to remove any pellets that may be jammed within.

G&G ARP 9 2.0 Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing problems with the functionality of your ARP 9 2.0, these are some of the initial checks to carry out as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Adjust the screw found underneath the grip to help resolve potential issues with gear noise.
  • Make sure that the wires found on the motor, beneath the grip are properly connected if the airsoft gun is not functioning.
  • Always check that the battery is fully charged.