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G&G ARP 9 Stealth

G&G ARP 9 Stealth

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G&G ARP9 "Stealth"

The G&G ARP9 has revolutionized the Airsoft CQB scene, combining the excellence of the G&G Firehawk with a new 9mm format. Featuring G&G's programmable ETU and an ultra-compact GOS V5 PDW stock, the ARP9 stands out with its exceptional performance.

Unleash the Power of the G&G ARP9 "Stealth"

The ARP9 "Stealth" boasts a distinctive appearance with gold accents that add flair to its matte black design. The rifle's compact suppressor-styled sound amplifier enhances the overall aesthetic, while its capability to accommodate an 11.1V LiPo battery takes its rate of fire and trigger response to new heights.

The ARP9's visual and auditory impact is anything but stealthy, with gold details exuding opulence. The sleek combination of black and gold, along with meticulous finishing, ensures durability and style without sacrificing performance.

At the front, the micro suppressor adds to the unique "honey badger" style, complemented by the M-LOK handguard that features a 20mm Picatinny rail at the 12 o'clock position. The receiver follows the M4/AR15 style, offering familiar controls in a robust gloss gold finish.

The ergonomic slim-type grip, flat-faced speed trigger, and enlarged trigger guard enhance handling, while the ambidextrous charging handle provides easy access to the rotary-adjustable HOP up unit. The rear flip-up aperture sight pairs with the front sight, offering versatility and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Flat trigger for quick response
  • Rear sling loop for single-point sling attachment
  • Ergonomic Grip for enhanced handling
  • 5'' MLOK Handguard for accessory attachment
  • Extended Trigger Guard for ease of use
  • 9mm AR Pistol Style Receiver for a unique look
  • Programmable MOSFET system for customization
  • Designed to handle 11.1v LiPo (up to 15c) for increased performance
  • Rotary adjusting Hop-Up Unit for precise BB control
  • Removable Micro Suppressor for customization
  • Front and Rear folding Iron Sights for versatile aiming
  • GOS-V5 Sliding Low Profile Stock for compactness
  • 14mm CCW Threaded outer barrel for accessory compatibility
  • Extended Ambidextrous Magazine Release for convenience
  • Full auto can be re-programmed to Burst Mode for versatility

Package Includes:

  • G&G Armament Combat Machine ARP9; Stealth
  • 60rnd "Dummy cartridge" Low-cap Magazine
  • User Manual

Special Instructions:

To re-program Full Auto to 3 round Burst:

  1. Remove Magazine
  2. Ensure the replica is cleared of any BBs
  3. Set the fire selector switch to semi-automatic
  4. Hold the trigger for 10 seconds
  5. You now have 3 round burst instead of Full Auto!