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G&G CM16 MOD0 - Black

G&G CM16 MOD0 - Black

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Tactical Excellence: G&G CM16 MOD0 - BLACK

Introducing the G&G CM16 MOD0 in Black, where tactical excellence meets cutting-edge design. Crafted by G&G, a brand synonymous with innovation and reliability, this airsoft rifle is a statement of power and precision on the field. The sleek black finish conceals a formidable array of features, making it an ideal choice for players who demand both style and performance.

Weighing in at 2570 grams and measuring 763mm in length, the CM16 MOD0 strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and firepower. With Semi and Full-Auto fire modes, this rifle adapts to your every mission requirement. The 330mm barrel with a 6.08mm bore ensures accuracy, while the included short rails provide customization options to suit your playstyle.

Key Features

  • Brand: G&G
  • EAN: 4712972910893
  • Length: 763 mm
  • Weight: 2570 g
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto for versatile gameplay
  • Barrel Length: 330 mm for optimal accuracy
  • Barrel Bore: 6.08 mm for precise shot placement
  • Rails: Plastic for a lightweight and durable design
  • Approximate FPS: Compliant with UK regulation for field legality

Included Accessories

  • Short rails x 3: Customize your rifle with included accessories

Compatible Magazines / Batteries

  • Compatible Magazines:
    • G-08-008, G-08-051, G-08-052, G-08-068, G-08-083, G-08-101, G-08-150, G-08-153: Choose from a variety of magazines for your preferences
  • Compatible Batteries / Gas: 8.4V for reliable and sustained power

Command the Battlefield with the CM16 MOD0

Elevate your airsoft game with the G&G CM16 MOD0 - BLACK. Order now to experience the perfect fusion of tactical excellence, customization, and reliability that sets you apart on the battlefield.