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G&G CM16 Raider - Black

G&G CM16 Raider - Black

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Combat Machine CM16 Raider - Your Ultimate Airsoft Starter Gun

Begin Your Airsoft Journey with Reliability and Versatility

The Combat Machine CM16 Raider is your ideal entry point into the world of Airsoft. Designed with beginner airsoft enthusiasts in mind, it's known for its exceptional reliability and adaptability, making it a favorite choice among Airsoft sites for rental.

Key Features:

  • Constructed externally from durable Polymer for lightweight and maneuverability
  • Alloy Outer Barrel, Sling Plate, and Stock Tube for added durability and stability
  • Four Point 20mm RIS / RAS Rail System for versatile customization, allowing you to attach a variety of Grips, Torches, and Lasers
  • Full-Length Top Rail on the Receiver for mounting large Sights and Scopes for enhanced accuracy
  • Adjustable Iron Sights for Windage and Elevation, ensuring precise targeting
  • Six-Point Adjustable Crane Stock not only accommodates users of all sizes but also doubles as a battery storage area
  • Hand Screw Tool-Less Removable Rear Iron Sight for quick adjustments without the need for tools
  • Removable Bird Cage 'Notched' Style Flash Hider that reveals a 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) threaded Outer Barrel, allowing you to attach various Suppressors and Tracer Units
  • High-Capacity 450rnd Magazine ensures you have ample rounds for extended battles
  • Version 2 Rear Wired Gearbox provides a reliable and upgradable platform for customization
  • 8mm Brass Gear Bushings for enhanced durability and consistent performance
  • Adjustable Hop-Up Unit lets you fine-tune your shots for extended range and improved accuracy

Additional Specifications:

  • Length (mm): 662
  • Weight (g): 2012
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto
  • Barrel Length (mm): 233
  • Barrel Bore (mm): 6.08
  • Rails: Plastic

Package Includes:

  • Combat Machine CM16 Raider Airsoft Rifle
  • High-Capacity 450rnd Magazine
  • User Manual for easy setup and maintenance

Recommended Battery:

For optimal performance, we recommend using a 7.4v LiPo battery with a Tamiya connector. This versatile battery can be configured in either a stick or crane stock configuration, ensuring you have the power you need for prolonged engagements.