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G&G T4-18 Light - Black

G&G T4-18 Light - Black

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Lightweight Dominance: G&G T4-18 LIGHT - BLACK

The G&G T4-18 LIGHT in Black is not just an airsoft rifle; it's a masterclass in lightweight design without compromising on performance. Crafted by G&G, a brand synonymous with innovation, this rifle is engineered to provide a perfect balance of agility and firepower on the airsoft field, setting a new standard for players who demand excellence.

Key Features

  • Brand: G&G
  • EAN: 4712972913474
  • Length: 695 mm
  • Weight: 2695 g
  • Fire Modes: Semi/Full-Auto for versatile gameplay
  • Barrel Length: 275 mm for precision shooting
  • Barrel Bore: 6.08 mm for optimal projectile control
  • Rails: Metal for durability and customization
  • Approximate FPS: Compliant with UK regulation for field legality

Compatible Magazines / Batteries

  • Compatible Magazines:
    • G-08-008: Standard capacity magazine for reliable performance
    • G-08-051: Extended magazine for extended engagements
    • G-08-052: Additional magazine option for quick reloads
    • G-08-068: Tactical magazine for specialized scenarios
    • G-08-101: Compact magazine for lightweight loadouts
    • G-08-150: Mid-capacity magazine for a balance of capacity and realism
    • G-08-153: Specialized magazine for unique tactical scenarios
  • Compatible Batteries / Gas: 8.4 - Power your T4-18 LIGHT with reliability

Experience Lightweight Dominance

Elevate your airsoft game with the G&G T4-18 LIGHT in Black. Order now to experience the perfect fusion of lightweight design, precision, and adaptability that sets you apart on the battlefield.