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Gate ASTER V2 Basic Module (Rear Wired) Gel Blaster Ready

Gate ASTER V2 Basic Module (Rear Wired) Gel Blaster Ready

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Gate ASTER V2 Basic Module (Rear Wired) Gel Blaster Ready. 

Revision 4 - Compatible with AEG or Gel Blaster.

ASTER is not just another drop-in MOSFET. It is a part of GATE ecosystem that turns your AEG into an advanced training weapon.

ASTER V2 is a younger brother of well-known TITAN V2. This world's first 4th generation AEG Control System is destined for most of AEGs with gearbox V2 on the market (including stock, low- and mid-tuned) and even for high-tuned guns (in case of EXPERT firmware). It was designed to achieve maximum reliability at attractive price and hence it has extremely profitable price-performance ratio.
Transform your AEG by replacing trigger contacts with computerized controller equipped with innovative optical sensors, including proximity trigger sensor which offers even 250 sensitivity settings. Gain unique tactical advantage thanks to extremely fast trigger response and lots of other useful functions. ASTER's smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery, motor and the controller, even in case of reverse battery connection. This feature, along with the optical sensors, makes ASTER the most durable drop-in unit on the market.
The BASIC firmware edition is an economic version with limited number of functions, dedicated for those who prefer simplicity but require highest quality. If you decide to have more functions, there is always an option to upgrade firmware from BASIC to ADVANCED or EXPERT.
Kit contents:
ASTER Module with BASIC firmware edition (Rear Wired)
'Programming via Trigger' Card
Installation Kit
Quickstart Guide
NOTICE! In order to configure ASTER via GCS App, you need the USB-Link or Blu-Link, which is not included in this kit.
 The only difference between the normal and GB version are the additional wires, which you can either cut off or leave as they are, both ways are fine.