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Jefftron Leviathan Optical MOSFET to Stock – Red Speed Trigger

Jefftron Leviathan Optical MOSFET to Stock – Red Speed Trigger

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The Leviathan – V2 optical is one of the most advanced ETU (electronic trigger unit) on the market

It combines optical and switches sensors for better handling and durability

Build-in wireless communication for quick setup using iOS or Android smartphones!

Tactile trigger switch has travel only 0,13mm long for ultimate hair-trigger feeling

leviathan-V2_optical_rftsUnique Real feel trigger system (RFTS) with integrated spring simulates trigger resistance like in the real gun. It adds secondary resistance with release after the fire. RFTS was designed by a professional gunsmith for a more realistic feel from shooting

External output and input port serves for custom accessories

Real-time response for change settings -> immediately test result

Easy installation into the gearbox (fully integrated inside the gearbox instead of the original trigger contacts)

New functions are for free for every user via online update

The Leviathan – V2 optical brings endless possibilities for your gun!