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KWA MS120 Midcap Magazine 3 Pack - Midnight Mint

KWA MS120 Midcap Magazine 3 Pack - Midnight Mint

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KWA MS120 Midcap Magazine 3 Pack - Midnight Mint

Enhance your airsoft experience with the KWA MS120 Midcap Magazine 3 Pack in the striking Midnight Mint color. These magazines are designed to take your AEG loadout to the next level, offering customization and reliability for all your airsoft scenarios. Here's what makes these magazines exceptional:

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Durable Construction: Crafted from KWA's rugged fiber polymer, these magazines are built to withstand the toughest airsoft battles while remaining lightweight.
  • Mock-Window Design: The magazines feature a mock-window design that replicates the appearance of brass 5.56 rounds, adding a stylish touch to your loadout.
  • Dot-Matrix ID Panel: Easily mark your magazines with numbers or initials for quick and simple identification during intense gameplay.
  • Secure Grip: The unique front and rear grip lines ensure a secure hold on the magazines, preventing accidental drops and ensuring fast reloads.
  • Cross-Compatible: These standard MS120 magazines are compatible with almost all AEGs, including KWA M4-style AEGs like the original KM4s, VM4, and RM4 series.


The KWA MS120 Midcap Magazines are compatible with any KWA KM4, VM4, or RM4 airsoft products, making them a versatile choice for KWA AEG users.

Please note that these magazines do not provide KWA's patented mechanical-electrical cutoff function in certain models, including RM4A1, VM4A1, RM4 Ronin Mlok Recon, PTS C4-10, VM4 Ronin 6 PDW, and VM4 Ronin 10 SBR.

Upgrade your airsoft loadout with the KWA MS120 Midcap Magazine 3 Pack in the eye-catching Midnight Mint color and experience superior performance and reliability on the battlefield.