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KWA Ronin 47 / SCARLET-47 120 Round Mag - 3 Pack

KWA Ronin 47 / SCARLET-47 120 Round Mag - 3 Pack

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KWA Ronin 47 / SCARLET-47 120 Round Mag - 3 Pack

Ensure you're always prepared for intense airsoft action with this convenient 3-pack of 120 round mid-cap magazines designed specifically for the new Ronin 47 AEGs. These magazines are engineered for reliability and ease of use, making them an essential addition to your airsoft gear collection.

Durable and Lightweight Design

Constructed from high-quality nylon polymer, these magazines strike the perfect balance between durability and lightweight performance. You can rely on them to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay while keeping your loadout comfortably manageable.

Enhanced Grip for Weapon Manipulation

The KWA Ronin 47 / SCARLET-47 magazines feature a side grip panel with KWA's custom stippling texture, providing you with a secure and comfortable hold during engagements. Additionally, extra grip lines on the front of the magazines enhance weapon manipulation, allowing you to reload swiftly and maintain control in high-pressure situations.

Perfect Compatibility

These magazines are designed specifically for use with the new Ronin 47 AEGs, ensuring perfect compatibility and seamless performance. When you're on the field, you can trust that your magazines will feed flawlessly, keeping you ready for action.

Stock Up and Stay Prepared

With this 3-pack of magazines, you can stock up on essential ammunition and reduce the need for frequent reloads. Having extra magazines at your disposal ensures that you stay locked and loaded, ready to face any challenge on the airsoft battlefield.

Don't compromise your airsoft experience with unreliable magazines. Invest in the KWA Ronin 47 / SCARLET-47 120 Round Mag - 3 Pack and enjoy the confidence that comes with dependable, high-performance gear. Elevate your gameplay and conquer the field with ease.